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 Vehicle Servicing

Inspection & Maintenance

Ratchet and Spanner will service and maintain any make or model, diesel and petrol, to the MANUFACTURER'S SPECIFICATION using only quality parts and oils to ensure no manufacturer's warranty is made invalid.

Ratchet and Spanner feel car servicing is not just about changing a few filters and turning out a service light.  It is their policy that their highly experienced and qualified technicians should detect any wear or tear in areas that have not yet shown any symptoms to the driver or owner of a vehicle.  In many cases servicing and inspections have detected problems that could lead to failure or extensive damage at a later date.

There are 2 main reasons for CORRECT vehicle servicing and maintenance:-

1) Driver/passenger safety

2) A reliable and trustworthy vehicle


A vehicle should have a full/major service every 12 months and a maintenance check/inspection every 6 months.

There are 3 types of servicing: -

1) Full/Major - All filters, all brakes checked, all fluid levels, lights and electrics, a full vehicle report and handwash and vacuum.  Service book will be stamped.

2) Interim - Oil and filter, front brake check, all fluid levels and a full vehicle report.  Service book will be stamped

3) Lubrication - All oil levels and fluids a full vehicle report.


*   Any additional work, which is detected, will be quoted and the owner contacted before the work is undertaken.

* Please feel free to call us to identify what type of service your vehicle requires.

*   Please make sure that you bring your Service History Book and Locking Wheel Nut Tool with you.

* All our parts and labour are guaranteed for 12 months.

BLOCK EXEMPTION allows non-franchised garages (like ourselves) to service vehicles without invalidating manufacturer's warranty.