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Tyres come in all shapes and sizes so we use the largest tyre wholesaler in the UK.  It would be impossible to stock the vast quantities to cater for everyone's vehicle and quality. Therefore, all of our tyres are ordered and collected by ourselves so they are ready to fit at your convenience. 

All of our tyres are fitted with new valves, caps and balanced and the old unit (tyre) disposed of, following the correct procedures. 

Ratchet and Spanner can supply and fit all major brands of tyre such as Michelin, Avon, Firestone, Continental and also various brands of quality new economical tyres.


Laser Wheel Alignment

Incorrect wheel alignment can result in rapid, irregular tyre wear and can seriously effect the handling and the safety of a vehicle.

Many companies offer tracking checks which to the unsuspecting motorist may seem good value.  In many cases the attention is only paid to the front wheels.  Ratchet and Spanner use an up-to-date 4 wheel laser alignment rig which aligns all 4 wheels.

Before any adjustments can be made it is necessary to check the vehicle's basic settings e.g. tyre pressures, tyre conditions, wear in any steering or suspension components. 

Incorrect wheel alignment can cause your vehicle to pull to the left or right hand side of the road when travelling in a straight ahead position.Therefore your steering wheel will be offset and not central.  It will also cause the tyres to drag, which will lead to an increase in fuel consumption and an uneasy ride. 

Correct wheel alignment will;-

1) reduce tyre wear to a minimum

2) gain the most out of the tyre

3) create a much smoother ride

4) keep the steering wheel in a level and straight ahead position